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"Send Common Sense to Concord"

Who is Rick ?

Rick Merkt is a long-time community leader in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire.  He embodies the spirit of public service. Rick has extensive experience over the years in public service.

He is a co-founder of a local public charter school and an advocate for educational choice, Rick has dedicated himself to improving the lives of children and families in the Granite State.  His diverse experience in business and public service has instilled in him a practical, common-sense approach that is reasonable and responsive to public concerns.  Rick recognizes that cooperation achieves the best results, and his consideration of others in formulating positions has earned him a reputation as a thoughtful and effective civic leader.


Residing in Westmoreland with his wife, Rick has both managed small businesses and served as corporate counsel, giving him a special understanding of regional economic needs.  His extensive public background includes service as

  • a local school board member,

  • town manager,

  • mayor,

  • legislator,

  • deputy attorney general,

  • chief administrative officer,

  • and highway commissioner.

Each position has helped Rick hone his skills in governance and community building, reinforcing his belief in practical solutions and the benefit of cooperative effort.


Now, as he runs for State Senate in New Hampshire, Rick Merkt brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of dedicated service to the table, ready to tackle new challenges and to continue to serve our Monadnock community with integrity and commitment. 

Rick's Campaign

Rick Merkt's campaign is built on a foundation of common sense, aiming to address the practical needs of the people living in New Hampshire Senate District 10. For residents, this means a focused commitment to prioritizing public safety and health in the Monadnock Region and ensuring that our quality of life is protected and enhanced.  Rick grasps the importance of making government operations affordable and efficient, so taxpayer dollars are used wisely and effectively. His approach is rooted in actively seeking the input of voters, asking them to identify critical problems and suggest solutions they believe will work best.

By joining Rick's campaign for common sense, residents can expect a collaborative and transparent effort in tackling the issues that matter most to them. Rick's vision for the future involves forging a brighter path for everyone in the Granite State, where community input shape the policies and decisions that impact our daily lives. Together with the people of New Hampshire, Rick Merkt is dedicated to building a future that is safer, more prosperous, and reflective of the values and needs of our New Hampshire citizens.

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