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Welcome to the introductory edition of the Republican Committee of Dublin, Marlborough & Harrisville Transition Newsletter.  The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to keep Dublin Area GOP (DAGOP) members and interested individuals informed as the organization moves through an evolutionary period.

DAGOP found itself at the doorstep of change following the resignation announcement of its Chairperson, Ramona Branch, on December 27, 2022.  A truly dedicated leader, Ramona devoted stellar organizational skills and countless hours over the course of her six years at the helm.  She and her team built DAGOP into a flourishing organization with a solid foundation.

Ramona led her final DAGOP meeting on February 9, 2023.  During that meeting she announced that remaining Executive Board members, Corresponding Secretary Augusta Petrone, Treasurer Rick MacMillan, and Membership Chair Fred Giaimo have also expressed their desires to transition off the Board. 

A call for volunteers to take the reins from this devoted team has gone unheeded.  The final official DAGOP meeting is scheduled for May, and without someone stepping up to lead, the organization might cease to exist.

Recognizing the value of a local Republican Committee, a transition working group has formed to seek a way forward.   

The Mission of the transition working group is to evolve DAGOP into a next-generation, sustainable, organization that continues to provide value to its members, to its community, and promotes conservative values.

The transition working group plans to look at each aspect of what members want from their local Republican Committee, how the organization operates, and to seek a framework less onerous on its leaders. 

The Transition Working Group has drafted a six-month transition plan designed to facilitate development of an organizational framework, bylaws, and policies to present to membership for adoption.  Provided the framework and bylaws are adopted, the transition working group will also facilitate election of Committee leadership.

All area Republicans are welcome to participate.  This is a rare opportunity to contribute to the formation of an organization with potential to play a formidable role in the influence of the fair and just administration of our communities, and in successful election outcomes. 

Working group participation might include interviewing Executive Committee members, interviewing DAGOP members, interviewing other town Republican Committees, researching organizational structures, drafting proposals, presenting findings, and other functions not yet known.

Given the short duration of the transition working group’s mission, members are asked to remain engaged through the group’s termination in September 2023.  Remaining engaged does not mean that participants must attend every meeting, but rather that they continue to communicate and participate from where ever they are, and to the extent their schedules permit. 

We hope you will consider joining the transition working group.  Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.


Don, Glenn and Rita


Don Primrose                                      Glenn Parker                                               Rita Mattson

Phone:  603-313-3229                        Phone:  781-883-1035                                 Phone: 603-531-3011

Email:        Email:         Email:



Q:  If I join the transition working group am I expected to attend every meeting?

A:  No. We recognize people have lives.  We do ask that you remain engaged though by continuing to participate via phone, email, and in person when you can.


Q:  Will the transition working group continue to plan monthly DAGOP meetings with guest speakers?

A:  No.  The transition working group is singularly focused on executing the transition plan. 


Q:  If I do not join the transition working group, will I still be able to contribute ideas toward the organization’s evolution?

A:  Yes.  Meetings will be scheduled to solicit feedback on the proposed organizational framework and bylaws.   

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